I've come a cross many talented creators in my travels. Some have put up with me long enough to get acquainted. These are those brave few.

Jon Glendening, Brighton based freelance film producer and author. Find him at www.glendening.co.uk

Kevin McAllion, journalist and author. Find him and his debut novel at www.moristoun.com

Robert White, Ipswich based comic creator. His slightly crazed comic series Versus can be read here versuscomicbook.blogspot.co.uk

R and M Manga. Two Hampshire based friends, author and illustrator, who have determinedly produced a manga trilogy of their own. Find details at www.officialrandmmanga,moonfruit.com

Simon Mitchener, Sussex CG artist. The gent who created the art for many of my book covers. Find him at simonjm.deviantart.com

Carl Weatherley, Sussex artist and tattooist. The man who did all of my tattoos. See his work at www.carlweatherley.co.uk

Stu Dickson, Sussex artist working in traditional and digital media. Browse his work at sketcher298.deviantart.com

Ourak Nysot, visionary and talented digital artist. See her portfolio at www.nourak.com

The late David T. Procter, author of a range of children's books as well as adult fiction. Find his work at authordavidtprocterbooks.co.uk