With over thirty years of notes on top of daily inspiration, I have a lot of works in progress - ranging from nearly a book to a few fragments or just a concept.

In case you're curious, here's the stuff that has reached a point where I can say it's going to be a book eventually.

Scathe - a modern Mythos tale of unholy revenge and mad science. Dan Higgin is sent to help an officer hospitalised by something supposedly inhuman. The last time Dan visited a bloke in hospital at the start of a weird case, within a week he'd lost a friend, nearly died twice, and prevented guerrilla warfare - that would have claimed dozens of innocent lives - by instigating a pitched battle between the guilty parties. What's this week going to bring? This one is done! Coming in Spring 2019.

House of Thunder - When dreams of rock 'n' roll stardom failed to materialise, the heavy metal band 'Mercenary Heart' drunkenly decided to serve some time in the armed forces. When sobriety returned, they still joined up, roadies and all. Nearly two decades later, they soldier for themselves, touring war zones and hellholes in search of lost and abandoned treasures. As they contemplate quitting the road at last, a prize beyond belief lures them into a final 'gig' that could kill them all. Original cover art by SimonJM. All rights reserved, used with permission.

 Winterblast - Josh and Katya have spent their lives fighting the monsters that no-one else believes in. Now they're pursuing something that even the monsters don't believe in. Cover art by me, from an original photograph taken by Anthony J. Baker. All rights reserved, used with permission.

 A Roman Centurion goes walkabout as his blood overrides his duty. Septimus was a 'one-night' character from my fireside storytelling who was so popular that his story continued. This book will fill the gaps in his history and complete the tale of his travels in a pagan Britain that the historians missed. It also completes the documentation of my fireside tale by including/incorporating:

  • Absent Without Leave - There's nothing like an encounter with the magic of the land to change your view of the world.
  • Harvest Season - Septimus discovers that farming and dragons have something in common.
  • Blood & Intrigue - Even elflords occasionally need hired muscle.
  • The Duel - Septimus becomes the intransigent pawn of a duelling wizard.
  • Cloak of Sorrow - Septimus encounters an extraordinary being and oh so ordinary jealousy.
  • Dragon's Play - Dragon families also have their black sheep.
  • All That Glitters - The intrigue around a battle for a town provides opportunities.

Stalking Time - Something wicked this way comes. A pair of intergalactic bounty hunters discover that their profession has been suborned to serve the greedy and power hungry. So, naturally, they decide to take on the faceless, powerful group at the heart of it. Cue mayhem and skullduggery on a rather epic scale, while we learn more about our two protagonist's strange pasts, and the dark secrets that one carries. Original cover art by SimonJM. All rights reserved, used with permission.

 Never a Sky We Know - the eighth volume of my Visions of the Future anthology series. Coming in 2018. Original cover art by SimonJM. All rights reserved, used with permission.

Darkside Revelations - A Cthulhupunk anthology. Yes, you read that right. Cthulhu Mythos meets Cyberpunk. Corporate greed versus eternal hunger, and the results are... interesting. Original cover art by SimonJM. All rights reserved, used with permission.

Horizon - An alternate view of the gods of ancient Egypt - and their love/hate affair with the human race. Cover by me.

 No Angels in Heaven - The companion volume to my first anthology, Fire in Mind. Magical and pagan fantasies that reveals the magic all around us. Original cover art by Carl Critchlow. All rights reserved, used with permission.

Transcendental Empire - It's steampunk, but not quite as shiny as the rest. From the slums of London and around the world - to save the world. I have so much material for this, but a couple of critical points are being stubbornly reluctant to clarifying themselves.

On Strange Wings - My Cthulhu Mythos anthology. The first short story for it is called 'How Vast the Deeps' and can be viewed in my deviantART gallery by clicking here. It does seem that, in keeping with the longevity of the mythos, it may indeed be strange aeons before I complete this.

I hope some (or all) of it interests you.

As I inferred at the beginning, there is more. A lot whole lot more. I'd be honoured if you stick around for the ride. It's going to be fun.

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