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There are many bands & musicians I like, but here's a few you may have missed who are really worth your time:

Superb heavy metal rock 'n' roll with all the swagger and power you'd expect from a UK three-piece metal band:

Melodic rock from a group of Southampton lads who have the potential to be huge:

Abney Park - Simple genius in Steampunk guise. Founders and forerunners of a musical genre.

Danny Vaughn - Vocalist with Tyketto and many others. Melodic rock at it's finest.

Ski King - The man who inherited Elvis' voice. Country & rock 'n' roll, plus industrial and heavy rock when he feels like it.

Eisbrecher - If you like Rammstein but occasionally find them harsh, these power/dance metal/electro geniuses are well worth a listen.

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