Flash fiction is simply a term for very short stories. Commonly accepted as stories containing one thousand words or less. While there are several terms for story lengths of less than a thousand words, I only divide mine into two categories: the first being stories that meet the 365 Tomorrows limit of six hundred words, and the second being stories that fall into the six hundred to one thousand word range.

This list links to a selection of my flash fiction that's currently online.

2017: White Rabbit Filter, Tears of Miroku, Merlin Everywhere, Run Run Run, SPOF, Right and Rules, Ride Home, That Final Twilight, Mary Said, Message in a BottleStain, Under My Scorched Wings, About Time, Sweet Rocks, Bait, Silo One, Froxnar's Miracles, Brakes, Scars, and Other Things I Miss, Vegetable Process

2016: Room and Board, Pinions, James' Bus, Ensurance, He Ain't Heavy, Hills, Unmoored, Airlord, Witnesses, The Bear Follower, The Wreck of the Varangio,
New Dogs, Smooth Operator, Principles, Of All the Orbits in the Universe, Eldridge, A Little Late for Yesterday, Hearts and Firebrands, The Tomorrow, He

2015: Broken Like a Bottle, Remote Angels, Fox Talionis, Predator Nineteen, Dreams Go Sideways, Walkabout, The Ballad of Jack, Now Get Out of My Starship,
As the Dawn Comes
, Aces and Fates, Kids and Pets, Hollow Medal, Honour the Untouchable, Go Back to Bed, America, Where Honey Came From

2014: Remember Then, The Breeze from Beyond, Lowlander, Stringmaker, Reintroduction, Off the Menu, Black Rider, Pay the Piper, Polystars, I Am Battalion,
Six Degrees of Sky, Crows, Old Soldiers, Artificial Intelligence Rehabilitation Centre, Feel the Blade, Mercantor GPS, Judas Ghost

2013: Jewels and Blood, Peeler, Floribunda, Marauder, Old Gamers Never Die, Blue on Pink, A Day in the Office, The Art That Keeps, Tears of a Clown,
Penalty Claws, Never Going Home, Two Graves, Self-Regulating, Rivals, All Your Realities, Come On In, Natural Selection, Silent Partner, Frontier Colossus,

2012: Nervous, ABC, From Beyond the Gates of Death, Tin Man, Dry County, Face Down in Wonderland, Heirloom, ROE, Metatemporal Intervention Bureau,
No Further My Blood Shall Go, Run Like Hell, Train Train, Marooned, Momentary, Big Brother, The Accidental Godling, Overslept, Come Tomorrow, The Lady is Not

2011: Going Steady, Mercy, Colossus, Little Foxes, Orbital Decay, Once Bitten, Genesis, Refuge, The Nature of the Beast, A Warrior's Path, Gal, Shinobi, Harvest the Light, Flying Lessons

2010: Transit

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